Many acne sufferers are desperate to get rid of acne scars.  Acne scars bother them because they can be unsightly and they can involve the area of the face and body.  One of the methods of eliminating severe cases of acne scars is through cosmetic plastic surgery.  The field of plastic surgery has methods for reducing or minimizing acne scarring.  Here are more information about acne scars and cosmetic plastic surgery.

What is Acne?  One good definition of acne is a skin disease that involves over activity of the sebaceous glands that causes pustules to form on the face and torso.  Scars are marks that are left on the skin due to healing of damaged tissue.  Plastic Surgery refers to surgery performed for therapeutic or cosmetic reformation of tissue.

How does plastic surgery get rid of acne scars?  Plastic surgery alleviates acne scars by using one or several of a variety of procedures that are available.  They are usually performed in plastic surgery clinics. Some procedures work better for certain people than others.  It is an individual situation.  Some treatments available for acne scarring include Laser Resurfacing, Punch Graft and Dermabrasion.

Laser Resurfacing is a very painful procedure that necessitates anesthesia.  Laser resurfacing is used in the following manner:  light from lasers is placed on the skin to encourage minute, detailed improvement in the skin.  Laser resurfacing is commonly utilized with fine details and minor or tiny improvements.

Punch Graft consists of the removal of a tiny portion of oval shaped skin with the sewing closed of the resulting hole that is left in the skin.

Acne Scar Removal With Dermabrasion Dermabrasion is yet a different option and involves the outer layer of the skin being improved with a gradual process of sanding.  It remains a painful remedy that takes an extended time period to completely heal but it is useful for acne scar removal.  The person with the acne scar must be anesthetized to some extent when receiving dermabrasion.


It is within the doctor’s discretion together with the patient to decide the acne scarring treatment goals for a person and which treatments would be most beneficial. In order for scarring to completely heal, it is not beneficial for the individual to obtain much sun exposure.  It is good to put on a hat as well as a good sunscreen.  Use a proper method for washing the face in order to minimize further damage.

Healing is a gradual process and does require diligence for seeking help and patience for awaiting results.  It seems to be important to allow the body adequate time to mend.  It is normally appropriate to utilize a tea tree oil brand of antibacterial cleanser but this must be asked of the doctor.

Great improvement is possible for people suffering with their acne scars.  Because the above promising and effective options, acne scar removal need not seem to be only a dream. It will occur through careful practice of the above methods under the physician’s care with acne scar surgeries advice.