Acne scar occurs when the acne is not healed properly due to severe infection. It can be very depressing for those who have acne scars on their face. It may also affect people’s social lives as they become quite shy and terribly self conscious.  Individuals simply want the scars to heal properly and fade away, never to be remembered.

Acne ScarPeople do wish to discover inexpensive and powerful acne scars treatment.  There is hope for acne scar healing.  Positive and exciting medical improvements in acne scar treatments now exist.  The following presents some ways to get rid of acne scar :

  • Some of the dermatological interventions for acne scar healing include saline injections, chemical peels, laser resurfacing and dermabrasion.  Saline injections are used in the form of saline being injected into the scar so that collagen, which is good for skin, may be formed. Saline injections have a great amount of benefit.
  • Chemical peels are used in the manner that a chemical is put directly on the skin and causes the skin to peel.  This causes a smoother, smaller pored, more refined appearance to the skin.  Chemical peels do improve the appearance of the skin.
  • Laser resurfacing occurs when laser light is put on the skin to create small improvements to the skin.  Laser resurfacing is normally used for fine work and minor to small improvements.
  • Dermabrasion is another method and entails the epidermis being improved through the process of sanding.  It is a painful procedure that takes months to fully heal but it is successful for the removal of scars.  The individual will have to be sedated to some extent in order to receive dermabrasion.


It is up to the doctor in consultation with the patient to decide the acne scar treatment goals for the individual’s scarring and which or what combination of treatments would be most effective.  Not only the removing acne scars are discussed individually but also whether individual can afford for that particular acne scar treatment.

In order for scars to heal, it is not recommended for the person to get a great deal of sun exposure.  Wear a hat and a good sunscreen in order to avoid getting sun exposure.

Healing can often be a slow process and it requires diligence in seeking treatment and patience in waiting for results.  It is important to give the body time to heal.  It is normally fine to use a tea tree oil type of antibacterial soap but this should be discussed with the doctor.

In many cases it is no longer necessary for individuals to have acne scars on their face and body.  Their emotional and social lives need not be so profoundly affected because there are ways of facilitating acne scar healing.

Tremendous improvement is achievable for people who suffer due to their acne scars.  Due to the above thrilling and effective treatments, acne scar healing need not be only a dream any longer.  With the medical advances like the ones listed above, acne scar healing will occur through carefully practicing the above methods under the physician’s care and advice.


Here is a video explaining what is fractional laser resurfacing.