Adults do get acne and with the condition often comes large cysts.  It is desirable to get rid of these acne cysts.  Adult cystic acne may occur anywhere including the face as well as the body.  It is important to understand the condition of the acne cysts and what may cause them.  They may be treated and there is great hope for sufferers.  People need not lose hope and feel that this will last forever. It is imperative that adult acne cysts are treated by a licensed physician so that infection and scarring do not result.

Let’s begin by at first describing what is meant by the term Acne.  Acne is a disease that involves overstimulation of the sebaceous glands that become inflamed and create pustules.  Also, it is significant to know what cysts are.  Cysts are enclosed sacs that contain air or fluid or material.  They are more likely to leave scars and should be treated by a dermatologist.

Some of the causes of adult cystic acne include stress, diet, genetics and hormonal fluctuations due to a physiological change such as pregnancy or menopause.  Hormonal fluctuations due to being in various different times of life cannot really be helped, but other factors and causes of adult cystic acne can.  One can certainly change and improve the diet in order to help this condition.  It is recommended to eat a more pure diet of fruit, vegetables and lean meats and drink water in order to help this condition and the rest of general health.

It is a good idea to attempt to decrease stress as much as possible as stress is a factor in adult acne.  Some ways of decreasing stress include meditation, exercise, guided imagery, tai chi and deep breathing exercises.

Other treatments for cystic acne include acne medications such as retinol, benzoil peroxide and salicylic acid.  Also, witch hazel lotion or tea tree oil and a good antibacterial soap can be beneficial.  Do not touch the cyst with your hands and try to minimize getting excessive sun exposure, as neither are good for adult acne cysts.  If the cysts become worse they could get very painful and infected and at that point they would be considered abscesses.   In this situation the acne cysts become more serious so it is best to avoid getting them infected at all costs.

Proper skin care is important when one has acne.  Cleansing of one’s face is the best way of preventing acne infection, thus developing into acne cysts.  One could use an antibacterial soap and use acne solutions to maintain its natural moisture.

The above is some pertinent information about cystic acne in adult.  Cystic acne are a bothersome condition to have.  Most people who have adult cystic acne just want them to be gone so learning about their condition is the first step toward empowerment. It is very important to have a skin doctor examine the acne cysts and get the proper treatment for adult acne.  Thus infection and scarring are most unlikely to occur and perhaps there may be able to get rid of the adult cystic acne forever.