There are many acne treatment products available in the market to choose from.  It can be very confused and difficult to decide which acne product is the best acne treatment for you.  Do they really work?  That question is always in the mind of those who are seeking to find the best acne solution for their acne problems.

Before we could review the best treatment for acne, you have to understand what causes acne? The scientific  studies have shown that there have been a few contributing factors including blocked hair follicle due to excessive production of sebum, stress, poor diet, unhealthy eating habit, hormonal imbalances, genetic and also bacteria in the pores.

Acne is not a life threatening disease but it can cause a person to feel embarrassed with his/her ugly sight of acne scars.  They can also have low self esteem, socially withdrawn and depressed when acne treatment do not work.

If you are looking to cure your acne the holistic way, Acne No More is the system you want to try. This unique holistic system helps you to get rid of the acne permanently, balance your inner body and maintain clear skin for a long time.  This clinically proven step by step success system have helped many acne sufferers to improve their self esteems as their acne cured.

Holistic system may not be the choice for your acne treatment and would prefer to have a daily cleansing of your skin with ProActiv.   ProActiv is  one of the most well known acne treatments and it has been endorsed by such celebrities as Jessica Simpson, Vanessa Williams, Lindsay Lohan and Kelly Clarkson. These well-known individuals have all come out to state that the ProActiv products provide better skin care than any other product line.

ProActiv Solution System has a three step process for daily cleansing and maintenance of the skin.  First step is the Renewing Cleanser.  The next step is the Revitalizing Toner and the final step is the Repairing Lotion.  To enhance the effects of the daily steps to remove the impurities deep in the skin, you can use the Refining Mask.

How does ProActiv works?  It works by unclogging pores and removing dead skin cells.  The two primary anti-acne ingredients are Benzoyl Peroxide and Sulfur.

Benzoyl Peroxide has historically been used to treat acne with resounding success.  Although it has been known to cause irritation and burning for first time users, it also works to clear pores and increase skin regeneration.

Sulfur is an exfoliating agent.  It works by helping to remove dead skin and encourage skin cell production.  Historically, sulfur has been used as a product that is left on the skin in a light treatment as opposed to being washed off.

Another well known acne cure is Acnezine acne treatment.  It is an entire skin care management system suitable for adults and teenagers suffering from mild to moderate facial or body acne.   The system consists of topical acne treatment cream to treat the blemishes and Acnezine skin antioxidant to neutralize the radicals in your body.

Besides the above recommended acne treatments, you also have to make some lifestyle changes for your personal health.  Ensure that you have proper nutrition, healthy eating habits, exercises, adequate sleep, stress reduction with yoga exercises and/or tai chi or any form of relaxation therapy.

Taking some health supplements is also advisable if you are not eating properly.  Selenium can reduce the severity of a chronic acne condition, while vitamin E reduces the visibility of acne scars.  Omega 3 fatty acids can also help in the fight against acne by acting against the inflammatory agents within the skin.

I do hope that you try the above acne treatments, Acnezine or ProActiv for 6 weeks to 3 months as recommended by most dermatologists.  If these acne products do not improve your skin condition, or develops a condition such as rosacea or a rash, it is probably best to stop using that treatment and seek the advice of a doctor.


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