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One way to get acne under control is by avoiding foods that cause acne.  There are certainly some foods that do contribute to the bothersome condition of acne and it is not hard to learn what they are so as to stop eating them.  Each person’s diet is under their control and you have the power to stop eating the foods that cause acne.  Here are some of the foods that contribute to or cause acne.

Foods that Cause Acne

ChocolateThe first offender on the list is chocolate.  Many people love chocolate and it is certainly easy to begin “binging” on chocolate.  Chocolate is an unhealthy habit or even an addiction with some people.  Chocolate does cause break outs in many individuals although this is not true for everyone of course.  It is best to do a trial run and remove chocolate from the diet if acne is a problem.

Another problematic habit is soda drinking.  Water is very good for anyone with acne and so if a person is drinking soda they are probably not drinking water as they should be.  Soda is not good for people with acne and it can cause breakouts.  How foods can cause acne is a mystery but of the beverages, water is the best and not soda.  Hydration is crucial and drinking the right beverages is just as important as eating the right foods.

For some reason, another culprit is dairy products.  There are a wide variety of people who insist that their breakouts are brought on by consumption of dairy products.  There may not be any hard and fast proof of this but it is worth doing a trial and removing dairy product in order to see if the acne situation improves.  Everyone’s body is different.

What Other Foods Cause Acne

Nuts are another red flag or problem in the foods that cause acne.  This includes all the products that are made with nuts, such as nut butters and nut bars as well.  It is a shame to have to give up nuts as they are healthy in other respects, but they are commonly considered to exacerbate acne.  It is worth giving them up to get rid of acne.

Another important aspect is how food is prepared.  For instance, frying food is a big “no-no” for those with Acne.  How foods cause acne get worse when they are fried foods.  Definitely go to another method of food preparation such as steaming, broiling and baking.  Most fast food is deep fried and is full of grease, ready to give people pimples.  Consume healthy food that is prepared in a healthy manner.

It is important to be aware of foods that cause acne.  What foods cause acne is contained in the following list:  chocolate, soda, dairy products, nuts and fried foods.  Begin to eliminate all or some of these in order to see if the acne condition improves.  There is hope for acne sufferers because foods that cause acne can be removed and acne can clear up.



What is Acne?

Acne  is a skin condition due to eruptive disease of the skin.  It can happen to an infant as infantile acne,  teenagers as acne vulgaris and adult in their 20s to 50’s.   There are many types of acne and  can appear on the skin in the form of whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, nodules, pustules or cysts.

Causes for Sudden Acne Breakouts

Acne is a common condition that troubles many people.  Acne is experienced by both teenagers and adults.  Acne really bothers those who suffer with it because it negatively affects their personal appearance.  Those who have acne often wonder what causes acne breakouts ?  Is there any way these breakouts can be minimized or not experienced at all?  Some Acne breakouts are due to factors that a person cannot change.  However, there are some causes for sudden acne breakouts that can be minimized by individuals; therefore some acne breakouts are controllable.  The following article explains some of the causes for sudden acne breakouts.

acneAcne is a disease that involves inflammation of the skin’s sebaceous glands with resulting pustules.  Some of the causes of acne breakouts include stress, genetics, hormones and diet.  When it comes to hormones, there is usually not a great deal to be done about it naturally.  Hormones do tend to fluctuate for pregnant women, premenstrual women as well as menopausal women.  Hormones are not under an individual’s conscious control.  Thus, there is little to be done about hormone fluctuations.

Another factor which does not really leave too much room for improvement is genetics.  Genetics are predetermined and are a part of a person’s history.  It is very beneficial to be aware of an individual’s medical history.  However, it is not something that can be changed as it is inherited from our ancestor.

Stress is another factor in acne.  Unlike genetics and hormones, managing an individual’s stress level is under their own conscious control.  A person may practice healthy stress reducing techniques in order to decrease stress.  Stress plays a significant role in so many diseases and disorders, among them acne.

It is very beneficial for any person to adopt powerful anti- stress techniques in order to improve their lives.  Not only will acne and other stress related diseases improve, but a person’s entire life will improve tremendously overall with proper anti- stress techniques.  What are some things a person can do to decrease stress? Exercise, meditation, guided imagery and deep breathing are all anti stress practices that are recommended to decrease acne and improve overall health.

The final factor that affects acne is diet.  Like stress relief but unlike genetics and hormones, diet is a factor that is modifiable by a person.  A person completely chooses his own diet and this can be a powerful agent for a healthy change.  Eating a healthy diet has many health benefits and does help improves acne.

The above are some of the causes of  acne breakouts that affect so many people.  Care may be taken such that some acne breakouts do not ever need to happen in the first place.  Some of these breakouts are controllable but some are unavoidable for different  individual.  It is advisable to learn the above causes for sudden Acne breakouts so that care can be taken to minimize the incidence of troublesome acne.  When Acne does occur, there are some options in terms of treatments for acne and may be discussed with the skin specialist.


Acne-VulgarisMany people today are wondering about and discussing this burning question:  Does Phentermine cause Acne?  There are many anecdotal reports given by people who have taken Phentermine and developed unpleasant, severe acne on their face and other parts of their body.  Many report that they have got acne with no previous history of acne ever in their lives prior to taking Phentermine. In fact, Phentermine also causes a host of other side effects but acne is a very commonly reported one. This article discusses the possible relationship between Phentermine and Acne.

What is Phentermine?  Phentermine is an amphetamine- like appetite suppressant that, when used in combination with proper diet and exercise programs is effective in helping obese people to lose weight.  It is commonly taken on an empty stomach before meals.  Acne is a disease that occurs when the sebaceous glands become overactive and create pustules.

There are many reports of unhappy people who have now totally broken out with acne pustules for the first time in their lives.  They feel that it is due to the fact that they have taken this appetite- decreasing drug Phentermine.  If someone is taking Phentermine because they are trying to improve their health and personal appearance through their weight, then it is a shame that they have to suffer through the upsetting condition of acne.

Some people have fallen into a depression or a sad state due to having this acne on their faces and other body parts.  It is remarkable how many people suffering with acne experience daily sadness, depression and shyness with social isolation.  Some people feel embarrassed or awkward due to their acne and it affects their social life negatively, decreasing their quality of life.

In fact, according to, development of acne is a known side effect of taking Phentermine. Some helpful hints for getting rid of this acne include decreasing daily life stress and improving the diet so that the diet is made up of very pure foods.  What is best to eat for overall decrease of acne breakouts and also just for general health improvement is fruit and vegetables and lean poultry or fish.  It is also a good idea to avoid sun exposure since that can really irritate acne.

It can be beneficial to learn the best face-washing technique so that the acne does not get worse.  Begin by pinning the hair back out of the face.  Then, gently apply warm water to the face in soft circular motions.  Then put a good facial cleanser on also gently.  Finally, rinse and gently pat dry the face with a nice, clean towel.

The above presents a question that is on many acne sufferers’ minds.  They wonder if their acne was caused by the fact that they are taking Phentermine for weight loss.  Since acne is a known side effect of Phentermine, most anecdotal reports would likely say that unless the person had previous incidence of acne or a family history of acne, the answer to this question is most likely yes.