One way to get acne under control is by avoiding foods that cause acne.  There are certainly some foods that do contribute to the bothersome condition of acne and it is not hard to learn what they are so as to stop eating them.  Each person’s diet is under their control and you have the power to stop eating the foods that cause acne.  Here are some of the foods that contribute to or cause acne.

Foods that Cause Acne

ChocolateThe first offender on the list is chocolate.  Many people love chocolate and it is certainly easy to begin “binging” on chocolate.  Chocolate is an unhealthy habit or even an addiction with some people.  Chocolate does cause break outs in many individuals although this is not true for everyone of course.  It is best to do a trial run and remove chocolate from the diet if acne is a problem.

Another problematic habit is soda drinking.  Water is very good for anyone with acne and so if a person is drinking soda they are probably not drinking water as they should be.  Soda is not good for people with acne and it can cause breakouts.  How foods can cause acne is a mystery but of the beverages, water is the best and not soda.  Hydration is crucial and drinking the right beverages is just as important as eating the right foods.

For some reason, another culprit is dairy products.  There are a wide variety of people who insist that their breakouts are brought on by consumption of dairy products.  There may not be any hard and fast proof of this but it is worth doing a trial and removing dairy product in order to see if the acne situation improves.  Everyone’s body is different.

What Other Foods Cause Acne

Nuts are another red flag or problem in the foods that cause acne.  This includes all the products that are made with nuts, such as nut butters and nut bars as well.  It is a shame to have to give up nuts as they are healthy in other respects, but they are commonly considered to exacerbate acne.  It is worth giving them up to get rid of acne.

Another important aspect is how food is prepared.  For instance, frying food is a big “no-no” for those with Acne.  How foods cause acne get worse when they are fried foods.  Definitely go to another method of food preparation such as steaming, broiling and baking.  Most fast food is deep fried and is full of grease, ready to give people pimples.  Consume healthy food that is prepared in a healthy manner.

It is important to be aware of foods that cause acne.  What foods cause acne is contained in the following list:  chocolate, soda, dairy products, nuts and fried foods.  Begin to eliminate all or some of these in order to see if the acne condition improves.  There is hope for acne sufferers because foods that cause acne can be removed and acne can clear up.