Acne can trouble both adolescents and adults alike so it is wise to know which vitamins for acne are effective.  Taking the proper combination of supplements and vitamins can truly improve the condition of acne.  It is quite a simple matter to get in the habit of taking a few vitamins and supplements and they can certainly pay off when it comes to decreasing acne. The problem of Acne can be bothersome and cause social anxiety and anguish.  People who have acne often seek for the best remedies for themselves to get rid of this situation.  It is known that diet and hydration help acne.  Also, vitamins for acne can help many people.

Acne Vitamins

Vitamins C Fruits for AcneThe first of such vitamins is Vitamin C.  Vitamin C is beneficial because it is antioxidant.  This means that the Vitamin C helps impurities to be flushed out of the body.  In addition to the antioxidant benefits, Vitamin C also has additional benefits in allowing the skin to heal itself.

Vitamin A is another of the acne vitamins. Very high doses of Vitamin A have been shown to heal acne but this can only be done under a doctor’s supervision. That is because high level Vitamin A can potentially be toxic. However, be sure to get your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin  A.


Using Vitamins to Treat Acne

Vitamins for AcneVitamin D is recommended for Acne.  Vitamin D is normally obtained through sun exposure.  A little bit of sun exposure is beneficial for those with Acne because it can dry up the pimples.  Too much sun exposure however is not a good idea because it will actually irritate the skin.  Just get enough to obtain the Vitamin D.

Zinc is a mineral but it is recommended for those using vitamins to treat acne.  It is really beneficial because it is able to fight against the bacteria that cause acne in the first place.  Also, Zinc regulates hormones so it can help to correct the hormonal problems that are sometimes the cause of acne.

While using vitamins to treat acne, do not neglect to use Vitamin E.  Vitamin E is one of the most soothing and healing of all the vitamins.  Vitamin E is antioxidant, which does mean that it destroys the free radicals in the body and is healing and soothing to irritated acne skin.

The above are some of the helpful vitamins for acne.  These acne vitamins really do help many people overcome the dreadful problem of acne on the face and torso.  Using vitamins to treat acne is a wise decision that can truly pay off with a nice, clear complexion and beautiful skin.

The best acne vitamins include Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Zinc and Vitamin E.  Using vitamins to treat acne is wise both as a stand-alone treatment and in conjunction with other acne treatments.  Vitamins can strengthen and help the effectiveness of other acne treatments greatly.  Vitamins for acne should be one of the first steps to getting rid of acne.